“I am rooted, but I flow.

~Virginia Woolf

I believe that personal suffering is often a call to look deeper into ourselves so that we can bring to light who we truly are. Diving into the depths of your pain takes courage, but it is there where your greatest gifts can be found. 

As a licensed therapist, I serve as a guide to help you illuminate the parts of your life and yourself that are ready for healing and transformation. My therapeutic approach is a blended one, combining both traditional clinical skills with my keen intuition. Using both my head and my heart, I listen intently, feel deeply, and see clearly into your current story so that together we can begin to write you a new one.

I love to work with:

  • Adults seeking to find their voice, set better boundaries, have compassion for themselves and their bodies, enjoy authentic connections with others, heal trauma, fears, or defeating patterns
  • Children and teens in need of support for trauma, fears, anxiety, intuition, or high sensitivity
  • Parents seeking a bridge of understanding with their child/ren
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Meet Angela

I’m a wife and mother, truth teller, self-love advocate, and believer in magic. I’m passionate about expanding into my fullness and helping my clients do the same.   

Like you, I’m no stranger to painful challenges. For many years I struggled with a destructive relationship with food and weight. My intimate partnerships have also been a growth edge for me, as has motherhood. These experiences have been my greatest teachers, for they’ve illuminated the parts of me that needed healing.

Even if I haven’t experienced exactly what you have, I can feel how it must feel to be you. I will show you how to extend compassion to yourself and embrace love from others. I pursue depth in relationships: listening, nudging toward authentic connection and conversation, holding space for what you need. I believe that we are all part of a larger purpose, connected in the universe. When we give in to the flow, rather than resist it, we can create meaning from suffering.

I am inspired and grateful to do this healing work. I am here to serve you. I have been licensed by the Minnesota board of marriage and family therapy since 2007. If you would like more information please contact me here. 

“While it served her in the past, she refused to keep her magic contained, restrained, or detained any longer.”

~Rebecca Campbell

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