"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us
what we need to know."  

~Pema Chodron

This method of psychotherapy incorporates


also offering EMDR and AIR Network consultation for professionals

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I have been trained in using therapy  across the lifespan to help release dysfunctional patterns and emotions so that new stories and behaviors may emerge. I welcome children, adolescents, adults, and families to my practice. To support the birth of new habits, it can be useful to have a witness, guide or helper along the way. Illuminated Therapy is a framework of psychotherapy that helps heal trauma by incorporating the neurology of trauma and development, emotional/relational skills and transformation of energy.   

I stand in compassionate solidarity with those who are victimized by cultural and racial oppression. I have a personal commitment to anti-racism work. I believe that racial justice is intrinsically connected to the healing of humanity.

My office is on Ochethi Sakowin and Wahpekute land. This is the historical and present day land of the Dakota people. I also recognize the territory of the Ojibwe people whose lands were also colonized by the United States and are occupied by the State of Minnesota.

acknowledge the actions of our countries past and how these actions have developed systems of oppression, rooted in settler colonialism that marginalized underrepresented people.

~Angela DelFiacco

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My office is located in the Shenandoah Building at the intersection of Chicago Avenue and 48th Street in south Minneapolis.
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